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The Siam Bistro’s


Vegan/Vegetarian – £6.95
Chicken, Pork or Beef – £7.95
Sea Food – £8.95

Available day time only

top view of thai bento box


2 COURSES £9.95 or 3 COURSES £12.95

Tempura Veg

Prawn & Sesame Toast

Tempura Chicken

Prawn with garlic and black pepper stir fry.

Chicken with ginger and wild Thai mushrooms stir fry.

Crispy pork belly with fresh chilli, garlic and Thai basil stir fry.

All served with Jasmin rice.

We can substitute meat/prawn with tofu for all the above choices

Banana fritter & ice cream

Deep fried ice cream

2 scoops of ice cream

Singha Beer Tower

£24.50 for 3 litres of lovely Singha Beer to share and

enjoy with friends at the table!

interior of the siam bistro showing wine rack and cozy dinner tables